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E.B. Aycock: Greenville, NC

Edwin Burtis Aycock 
            Dr. Aycock was a Medical Doctor and general practitioner for 26 years. Born in Fremont, North Carolina August 13, 1909, he was greatnephew of Governor Charles B. Aycock. Dr. Aycock’s education included an undergraduate degree from University of North Carolina in 1930, and then his M.D. from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Aycock arrived in Greenville, North Carolina in 1939. During World War II saw Dr. Aycock serve in the U.S. Army Medical Corps he was discharged in 1946. Aycock’s career as a general practitioner in Greenville was marked by an unending devotion to assisting young people, as well as others throughout Pitt County.
            Throughout his career, Dr. Aycock would attend J.H. Rose athletic events in order to look after High School athletes at their games. The J.H. Rose High School Monogram Club established a annual award for the citizen who had done the most for high school athletes. The initial award was given, Dr. Aycock; thereafter it was known as the Aycock Award. But Dr. Aycock’s legacy is not limited to assisting his patients on and off the football field. Dr. Aycock used his influence in the community to have lighting installed for the first time at both the Eppes Football Field as well as lighting at Guy Smith Stadium. Additionally, Aycock also worked to raise money for the construction of Ficklen Stadium at East Carolina University. Other positions of leadership that Aycock held included being on the Greenville City Schools Board and also time spent as the Chief of Staff of Pitt County Memorial Hospital.
            As a physician, Aycock bemoaned the already apparent decrease in the number of general practitioners in the medicine. Aycock said: “The fracturing of the human body into more and more specialties tends to destroy the doctor-patient relationship that is so important. It takes time for a patient to build confidence in his physician, time isn’t there when he has to go from one physician to another. Too often, too, the specialist fails to see the whole human being because he is so engrossed in his speciality….”
E.B. Aycock School dedication was on December 7, 1969. It was said at the ceremony that “Every child, parent and teacher through the years will look with pride at the new E.B. Aycock Junior High School and will remember proudly the notable contribution of Dr. E.B. Aycock for whom the school is named. . . for his work for the betterment of all people.”

author: Steven A. Hill

Sources: (Dr. E.B. Aycock: Pitt County General Practitioner by Jane Hall News and Observer, Raleigh May 3, 1964. “Dedication of E.B. Aycock, pamphlet. Dec. 7, 1969)

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