Saturday, February 22, 2014

G.R. Whitfield

George Roscoe Whitfield
        George Roscoe Whitfield was born near Stokes, NC, Dec. 10, 1879. He attended Elizabeth City State College and Lincoln University, graduating third in his class from the latter. He lived in Stokes, North Carolina, and later Grimesland, North Carolina, where he was the first principal of the only African American High School in Pitt County. As the longtime supervisor of Black Schools in Pitt County, Whitfield was a proven leader. An example of this can be seen when he began yearly testing of all seventh-grade students under his authority throughout the county in order to better measure progress among the students he desired to assist.
        Whitfield was an active supporter of community organizations and was member of the Masons, as well as Sycamore Hill Baptist Church. Whitfield was known as a “Builder and an Educator” because he provided hope for those who sought to improve themselves through education. The school named after him in Grimesland, North Carolina was formerly known as the Pitt County Training School in Grimesland. It was re-dedicated in Whitfield’s name in 1967. His gravesite is at Brown Hill Cemetery in Greenville, NC.

author: Steven A. Hill

Sources: (“Digest: The Pitt County Teachers Association” Friday, October 6, 1961.”) (Interview with Mrs. Ella Harris, retired Pitt County Schools Educator)

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