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Sadie Saulter: NC educator in Greenville, NC

Sadie Saulter 
      Sadie Saulter School was known as the Fleming Street School until it was renamed after Ms. Saulter on September 17, 1967. A native of North Carolina, Sadie Irene Saulter came to Greenville during the early years of the Great Depression. At first she was a teacher in the Third Grade and then a teacher at the Greenville Graded School. Later she became principal of the Fleming Street School.  She was an educational leader who was resolute in the educational development of those students she lovingly taught and supervised. 
      One former student and later educational professional recalled her Fourth Grade teacher, Ms. Saulter: “She was a stern woman who loved social studies. She loved to wear big sweaters that had pockets and laced up high heeled shoes. She was doing classroom activities in the 1950s and 1960s that today we’d still consider innovative and engaging to students; for example, I recall making a scrapbook of our world travels. As students in the Fourth Grade, most all of us have barely been out of the county. So it was fun for us to learn and imagine our travels by cutting out pictures from magazines of places we would envision ourselves visiting. She was that kind of teacher. I still have that scrapbook.” 
            As a teacher, Ms. Sadie Saulter came to Greenville in 1924. She was made principal of the Fleming Street School in 1942 and remained at this position until her retirement in 1962. The Fleming Street Elementary School was renamed in her honor September 17, 1967. 

author: Steven A. Hill

Sources: (Dedication pamphlet of Sadie Saulter School Sept. 17, 1967) (June 22, 2009 Interview of Mrs. Ella Harris who was a former student of Saulter’s. ) 

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