Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sam D. Bundy Elementary School

Sam D. Bundy
          Bundy spent forty years working for the North Carolina educational system, including time spent as principal of Farmville High School from 1947 to 1965. His education included 1923 graduation from Farmville High School, an undergraduate degree from Trinity College (now Duke) in 1927, and in 1948 a Master’s Degree from East Carolina Teacher’s College.
         Following his career in education, Bundy in 1970 ran for and won a seat in the North Carolina State Legislature. Known for his skillful ability to mollify tense debates in the State House with his witty rhetoric, Bundy was described by some who knew him as a cigar chomping Democrat: a vivid and colorful “character.” Jesse Joyner knew Bundy as a high school student in the 1950s. His recollections of Bundy were fond: fine gentleman, a great principal. Mr. Bundy would stay out and play softball, pitch and umpire for us kids. We got the impression that he did not take any backtalk because if you did, he would know how to handle you.
           A vigorous and lifelong member of the Democratic Party, Bundy died while serving his seventh term as an elected State Representative in 1983. He was on the board of trustees for Mount Olive College, a Mason, a member of Kiwanis, as well as the Disciples of Christ Church in his hometown.

author: Steven A. Hill

Sources: (“Rep. Sam D. Bundy dies of heart attack” News and Observer January 20, 1983 author “staff Reporters” and Daily Reflector February 12, 1970. “Bundy to Seek Seat in House” ) (Interview with Jesse Joyner of Farmville in Pitt County who knew Sam Bundy)

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