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W.H. Robinson

W.H. Robinson
        The William. H. Robinson school in Winterville, North Carolina, was named after its dedicated principal in 1948. Many school generated histories measured school progress in the number of rooms in the school created and teachers employed; because of the scant amount of biographical information available about the man, W.H. Robinson, the author offers the following biography of the school:

1900 – known as the Winterville Colored School, it had one room school with one teacher teaching all grades
1914 – a new building constructed with three rooms and three teachers
1921 – four teachers in the same three rooms
1927-1931—P.T.A. purchases a bus for the children
1936 – a new four room brick building constructed
1939-1940—an adjacent building housing the high school was added along with a foreign language curriculum. There were eight teachers total.
1948—school renamed after principal W.H. Robinson; soon thereafter a new cafeteria was added, along with a library, and an industrial arts program.
1958-1959 – the North Carolina Department of Public of Instruction officially accredits W.H. Robinson.
1971-1972 – full integration of W.H. Robinson School completed

author: Steven A. Hill

Sources: (School produced History obtained by the author from the W.H. Robinson School in Greenville, North Carolina.)

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