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China: Terra Cotta Army

Sunday, September 1, 2013

India and China: Buddha and Buddhism

The Great Buddha Statue

Website to Metropolitan Museum about Buddhist Art

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Anubis weighing the heart of Hunefer. ca. 1285 BCE

From the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Ani Scroll, Spell 17.

Video about the BOOK of the DEAD 

Hail, O ye who gives cakes and ale to perfect souls in the House of Osiris, give ye cakes and ale twice each day to the soul of the Osiris Ani, whose word is true before the gods, the Lords of Abydos, and whose word is true, with you. Hail, O ye who open up the way, who act as guides to the roads [to other worlds] to perfect souls in the House of Osiris ..."  
-- 1240 BCE ,  The Papyrus of Ani, The Egyptian Book of the Dead.


Link to English translation of the BOOK of the DEAD

Hinduism and SHIVA considered

Indian artists Kandha Panday, right, and Shiva Sharma dressed as Hindu god Rama and his brother Lakshman have paint applied to their faces ahead of a religious procession during the Dussehra festival in Allahabad, India. (AP)

1. Intro to HINDUISM videos
.a. why are there so many different Gods ?
b.  More Basics of Hinduism

2.AUDIO and Visual: CLICK HERE for a quick but intriguing look at a SHIVA MASK at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

3. Click here for Video showing a FESTIVAL dedicated to SHIVA
4. More Hindu Art
5. HINDUISM BASICS.....AUDIO:         
     Questions for the AUDIO:
Hinduism  Audio : Questions
1.    True or False   Hinduism believes in rebirth or reincarnation
2.    True or False   Moksha means spiritual liberation
3.    True or False   Hindus usually disregard other religions and are                                       intolerant
4.    True or False    Hinduism has strict rules or orthodoxy
5.    True or False    There is no one founder of Hinduism
6.    True or False    Yoga is a Hindu practice
7.    True or False    Moksha is spiritual liberation and ends reincarnation                                               
8.    True or False    Vedas and Upanashads and Bhagavad Gita are                                                           Hindu texts
9.    True or False    War was never spoken of in ancient Hinduism
10.                       True or False    Warriors could never be good Hindus
11.                       True or False    The Caste System was rooted in Hinduism
12.                       True or False     The Caste System was banned by the British
13.                       True or False     Hinduism is polytheistic
14.                       True or False    Brahma was the created
15.                       True or False    Vishnu  is the preserver
16.                       True or False     Siva is the destroyer  
17.                       True or False     There are NO  female Gods
18.                       True or False      Hindus use rituals in their worship
19.                       True or False     “church” is held only 1x a month for Hindus
20.                       True or False     there is a hugging saint in Hinduism

21.                       True or False       The person interviewed sees Hinduism as                                    friendly towards Muslims and other religions.