Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ferguson Redux?

I came across these items at East Carolina University's archives. They are of interest today considering events of late in Ferguson. I am a historian. I have no agenda. Please consider history as a guide and teacher.

Race hatred on trial, issued by Communist Party, U.S.A. [New York, Workers Library Publishers, 1931] 47 p. ; 17 cm. "The trial of August Yokinen before 1,500 white and Negro workers in Harlem for acts clearly based on race prejudice." Here is a link to the entire text 

I found this in a 1964 Daily Reflector newspaper in Greenville, North Carolina, while doing research about the history of schools in our area. Make your own judgments about it. What are the causes, effects, and remedies to social unrest? I do not have the answers. I am a historian. I look at the past so that others may use it as a guide for future actions. Please consider the image below this one, too.

BELOW, is an image from an East Carolina University school newspaper. Here is a link to further information about it.