Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Early Medieval Art: Sutton Hoo

What does this mask tell you? Do you know SUTTON HOO ??
video link beneath the image.

Civil War art.

Robert Gould Shaw Memorial: 54th Infantry, Civil War.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chi Rho and Constantine the Great

suggested use for Teachers: 
1. Ask students to draw the Chi Rho symbol in their journals. Then ask students if any of them know the historic significance of the image.
2. read the link about the SYMBOL and jot down a few facts about its historical use.
3. then scroll down to the tapestry image and do a VTS with the image.
4. after students have investigated the image, listen to the audio link about this tapestry from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
5. Use this as a review of Constantine's efforts as emperor or as a way to introduce Constantine.

What is the historic significance of the CHI RHO symbol?

How did Constantine the Great use this symbol? Click here for access an audio tour to this tapestry shown above; this piece of art that displays the connection between the Chi Rho and  Constantine. Can you count the number of Chi Rho symbls used in the tapestry?