Friday, March 29, 2013

10 works of ART HITLER HATED

Work #1: 
Ernst Barlach, "Magdeburger Ehrenmal" (Magdeburg cenotaph), 1929.
 The sculpture created a controversy about Barlachs anti-war stance, in opposition to the trends at that time. This is currently in the Cathedral of Magdeburg
Work #2
Max Ernst: L'Ange du Foyer (1937)

Emile Nolde: The title of this work is "The Prophet." (1912) Hitler had over 1,000 of Nolde's paintings removed from German museums; this was more than any other artist.

Emil Nolde
Mask Still Life III

Max Beckmann
Carnival (1943)

Otto Dix 
The Skat Players (1920)

Otto Dix 
Three Prostitutes on the Street 

Marc Chagall
The Fiddler  (1912)  *The musical gets its name from this work.

George Grosz
"Republican Automatons" 1920

George Grosz
The Pillars of Society

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