Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saint Lucy at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Saint Lucy lived from 283 to 304 and was a wealthy young Christian. She is venerated as a saint and martyr by Christians: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. Her name is derived from the Latin word meaning light: Lux, lucis. She is the patron saint of the blind. 

Lucy was supposed to be married to a non Christian pagan, but she refused. Her to be husband ratted her out to the Roman authories and told them that she was a Christian. For this, she was to be killed, but the Romans could not find the will to kill her, somehow: miracle, anyone? But the resourceful Romans did manage to cut her very pretty eyes out with a fork: MESSY! Another version of the story is that she herself cut her eyes out and gave them to her jilted fiance, because he really loved her eyes. Upon doing so, Lucy told him to leave her alone, so she could serve God.

meets Saint LUCY ! ! 

Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer discusses his interactive art work dedicated to the memory of Saint Lucy: April 13, 2013, at an educators only conversation about how he mixes technology, art, and science.

Hemmer uses facial recognition computer technology to recognize the viewer's eyes, and then the viewer's eyes digitally explode and burn !  

The artist and Mr. Hill
The NC Museum of Art purchased this interactive art, so come and visit ! ! !


  1. wow, i am called Lucy, and now i am so proud of my name! after that story i shall always look up to her. Thank you 4 putting up that post, otherwise, i would of never known.

    1. this is waaaay over due ! Thanks for your comments. So glad you enjoyed my blog post !