Saturday, May 11, 2013

Patron Saint of Crossfitters

Who is the Patron Saint of Crossfit athletes? 

Saint Sebastian, of course !  

WHY Saint Sebastian? 

Well, he ENDURED lots of PAIN....and ....

CROSSFITTERS love pain  ! !

Crossfitters cannot lay sole claim to him, because he has been recognized as the Patron Saint of all athletes.

OK.....So, ....WHO was Saint Sebastian? 

Sebastian rose in the ranks to become a high ranking soldier in the Roman legions. He joined the Roman Army in the late 200's A.D and became the captain of Emperor Diocletian's bodyguard: the Praetorian Guard. 

Sebastian's path to martyrdom and sainthood started by breaking the Roman law.

 His TROUBLES began when he secretly converted to Christianity at a time when it was not appreciated by Roman authorities. Sebastian's beliefs were discovered when he helped imprisoned Christians and coached them to be strong in body and spirit in the face of Roman persecution; he also converted Romans to Christianity; for these crimes, the Emperor sentenced him to death. 

Sebastian was to be tied to a Tree and shot up with lots of arrows. Although he resembled a porcupine, because of so many arrows stuck in him, HE DID NOT DIE ! !  The Emperor sent another hit team out and they clubbed him to death. So, SEBASTIAN was a DOUBLE MARTYR.....! 

St. Sebastian's TOUGH GUY Checklist: 

1) He was a Roman soldier 

2) He survived being shot up by dozens of arrows.....

3) One death sentence wasn't enough....they had to give him 2  ! ! ! 

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